Sárkánykard Kungfu and Wushu Sport Assosiation

Shaolin Kungfu, Sport Wushu Taolu, Sanda, Taiji Classes

The Sárkánykard ("Dragonsword") Association was founded in 2002 from a group of the Kerepesi Shaolin Centre.

The aims of the Association are:

  • to promote the sport of Kungfu and Wushu to a wider public, and to create opportunities for high quality and safe practice

  • to cultivate and spread the traditional training methods of Shaolin kungfu

  • to teach traditional Chinese philosophy through the martial arts

  • to promote healthy way of life and recreation through sport and exercise

  • to exploit the community-building and formative power of sport

  • to encourage the physical and mental development of youth

The Association organizes and runs thematic programs, events, competitions and participates in national and international programs to achieve the above objectives. We help all our members by attracting sponsors and other resources.

The Association gives opportunities for those who are interested in Chinese culture or wish to compete. For this we provide high quality training with well-trained coaches, the chance to participate and win in European and World Championships.

We also offer fun training sessions for those who do not wish to compete but who require physical activity in which every movement has meaning, substance and centuries of tradition.

English speaking classes
in Budapest, Újpest

Kungfu/Wushu: 12 000 HUF/month
Mon, Wed, Fri: 17:00-19:00
Varga István (+36306452848)

The aspects of Kungfu/Wushu are extremely useful in different areas of life as recreation or as a complementary activity to find one's inner balance and thus to achieve greater performance in one's professional life.

Martial arts develop not only physical skills (stretching, muscle and bone strengthening, movement coordination) but also mental skills, concentration, and build such concepts into one's life as respect, humility, perseverance, love of family.

Sanda (Chinese box): 12 000 HUF/month
Mon, Wed, Fri: 19:00-21:00
Kreisz Zsolt (+36706205081)

Sanda (Chinese box) is excellent for toning, self-defence, tension release and active relaxation or even competition. In the training sessions we teach basic techniques, training methods and fighting strategies. The primary focus is on safety and non-injury.

Sanda (Chinese box): 10 000 HUF/month
Tue, Thu: 18:30-20:00
Varga István (+36306452848)

Thanks to István Varga's teaching method and training structure, beginners and masters can train together and everyone can learn something. Targeted combinations, a lot of theory, a lot of practice, fighting games and guided sparrings. His trainings are always very informative and educational.

Morning classes: 2 000 HUF/training
Every weekday: 8:30-10:00
Varga István (+36306452848)

Improving kungfu/wushu forms to a higher level, basic sanda (Chinese box) techniques, combat training, strength training — according to the composition of the group and individual needs. Everyone is welcome to start the day with a good workout!

Private lessons: 5 000 HUF/hour
by personal agreement
Varga István (+36306452848)

Maintaining and possibly restoring health, increasing physical activity, learning and applying stress-relieving techniques, learning self-defense and thus developing self-confidence.

Birthday parties: 2 000 HUF/person
by personal agreement
Varga István (+36306452848)

Kungfu birthday party unusual, useful, memorable! Children will gain insight into the wonderful world of traditional Shaolin kungfu: its history, traditions, philosophical and martial principles. They will have the opportunity to test their newly acquired knowledge and skills in guided and safe (!) exercises. They are sure to be tired and happy at the end! ;) See further details here.

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